What Sort of Fuckery Is This?

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Devil's Party Press, Jul 26, 2019 - Fiction - 366 pages
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From Devil's Party Press, publishers of the award-winning anthologies EQUINOX, SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY, and SOLSTICE, comes a new collection of 55 short stories, poems, and reflections. From the introduction: "The authors we publish are the voices of experience, of triumph, of tragedy, and of life. They're bad-asses, one and all. WHAT SORT OF FUCKERY IS THIS? is a celebration of their unique badassery.
- The Fuckery of It All: An Introduction by Dianne Pearce
- I am the man who yells at his wife, "Bitch, I'll put a cap in your ass!" by Bill Ayres
- If You're Going Through Hell, Go Through the Back Room by Maureen McVeigh
- The Last Lootenant Wins His Fuckin' Medal by William F. Crandell
- Not Getting Flirted With at the Fucking Gym by John Sheirer
- How the Fuck Are You? by Judith Speizer Crandell
- Hell No! We Won't Go! by David W. Dutton
- What the Fuck: Monday Morning Strike by Claire McCabe
- Sonnet for Shitty, Rotten Love by Claire McCabe
- Those Damned Sunday Vices: View from the Third Floor by Claire McCabe
- One Badass Snowflake by Lisa Fox
- He's My Man, Damn It! by Liliana Widocks
- I Fuck Men Up by Laura Nelson
- A Fucking Catastrophe by V.L. Brunskill
- Dear Beguiling Fifth of Vodka, or, Oh Shit, What Really Happened the Night I Claimed I Got So Sick Because I Ate a Hotdog at My Girlfriend's Graduation Party Given by Her Parents by Alice Morris
- Hot Damn, if Only That Painter Had Not Gotten Out of Bed by Alice Morris
- Damn, the Problem With the Word French Fries by Alice Morris
- Don't Be a Bitch by David Sturm
- Screwed by a Lake Trout Called Sir Jack by Sarah Leamy
- My Old Cock Blues by William Butler
- When Cornholing Wasn't a Game by William Butler
- A Tattooed Asshole by William Butler
- Cock Tale, Dick Dialogue, Penis Patter by Felix Pire
- Shitty Mushrooms by Philippa Hawley
- Unnatural Shitbags by Carolyn Colburn
- Another Day at the Fucking Office by Krystina Schuler
- A Meditation on Lust and the Karmic Tab for Kinky Shit by Howard Brown
- Bitch Delivery for Mister Fucker by Rémi Savard
- Full of Shit at His Age Now by Paul Milenski
- The Red Fucking Converse of Sergio Menendez by Felix Pire
- Fucking Songbird by K.T. Vanderlaag
- Daemon Fenroy, God of the Fucked by Janna Miller
- The Shit Collector by Mark Kodama
- broken as fuck by Lola Steel
- 'Cause Dammit, I'm Alive by Anthony Crutcher
- Huffy Wee Fuckin Bampot by Jan McGuire
- For the Love of Fuck by Les Zig
- "You're fucking coming to hell with me, puta" by Alberto Ambard
- My Neighbor's a Fucking Monster by Andrea Goyan
- Resting Bitch Face by Terri Clifton
- The Self-Mindfuck by Luanne Castle
- Fucking Other Men's Daughters by Mark Hein
- Shakespeare, Where the Fuck Art Thou? by Paulene Turner
- On Fucking Oneself by Desiree Harvey
- Stop Fucking Up the Gene Pool by Noel Alcoba
- Attacked by a Fucking Fish ... A Love Story by Leslie Wibberley
- Wrong Fucking Number by John Sheirer
- Cocksucker by Eric Machan Howd
- Fucked Up Young by Eric Machan Howd
- Mannish Cunt by Eric Machan Howd
- The Goddamned Rug by Dianne Pearce
- Old and in the Fucking Way by Andrew Paul Grell
- what the fuck was i thinking? the unfortunate chest tattoo by Cortney Collins - a match made in heaven by Cortney Collins
- Shit That Baby Out by Carrie Sz Keane
- Never Sink, Dammit by Dianne Pearce

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