What Would I Say Today If I Were to Die Tomorrow?: Reflections on the Life of a Seeker

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Trafford Publishing, 2002 - Fiction - 272 pages
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WHAT WOULD I SAY TODAY IF I WERE TO DIE TOMORROW? gives readers more than a glimpse into the mind and life of a New Age Thinker. "WHAT WOULD I SAY TODAY IF I WERE TO DIE TOMORROW? was inspired by the tragedy that terrorized America on September 11, 2001, "says author Stocco. "Realizing how vulnerable we really are, I was moved by the tragedy to tell the story of my spiritual quest for the answer to the meaning and purpose of life."

Orest Stocco conveys his inspirational messages through in-depth depictions of his personal relationships and life experiences. In true-to-life scenarios, he interacts with colourful personalities, all of whom have distinct foibles and strengths. What may appear to be coincidental encounters turn into ideal opportunities to share his messages of spiritual enlightenment. As one might expect, however, his insights are embraced by some and rebuffed by others.

Having explored ideas and belief systems from many teachings, Mr. Stocco reveals his own spiritual philosophy in this true account of his healing journey. His provocative and, at times, controversial insights clearly reflect his newfound priorities in life and form the foundation for each chapter of WHAT WOULD I SAY TODAY IF I WERE TO DIE TOMORROW?
"Woven into the text of his daily life is the story of one man's spiritual quest that answers the question that is central to every person's life: 'Who am I?'" says author Stocco.

The author is not afraid to defy conventional thought regarding spiritual matters, or tackle head-on the spiritual questions many of us are afraid to ask. Mr. Stocco's beliefs and the process by which he develops his philosophy of life are clearly defined. While he may appear brash and forthright at times, he is equally honest and sincere in his desire to educate and enlighten those around him. Similarly, he is very candid when sharing his own private spiritual experiences and revelations.


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