What Can a Woman Do: Or, Her Position in the Business and Literary World

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Eagle publishing Company, 1884 - Women - 528 pages

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Page 395 - giveth His beloved sleep." His dews drop mutely on the bill; His cloud above it saileth still, Though on its slope men sow and reap. More softly than the dew is shed, Or cloud is floated overhead ; " He giveth His beloved sleep ! " Yea ! men may wonder while they scan A living, thinking, feeling man,
Page 407 - LIFE! I know not what thou art, But know that thou and I must part; And when, or how, or where we met I own to me's a secret yet. Life! we've been long together Through pleasant and through cloudy weather; 'Tis hard
Page 407 - to part when friends are dear,— Perhaps t'will cost a sigh, a tear; Then steal away, give little warning, Choose thine own time; Say not Good Night,—but in some brighter clime Bid me Good Morning.
Page 393 - and wide Was heard in all the country-side That Saturday at eventide. The swanherds, where their sedges are, Moved on in sunset's golden breath; The shepherde lads I heard afarre, And my Sonne's wife, Elizabeth; Till floating o'er the grassy sea Came downe that kyndly message free The " Brides of Mavis Enderby.
Page 396 - friends—when it shall be That this low breath has gone from me, And 'round my bier ye come to weep; Let one most loving of you all, Say, " Not a tear must o'er her fall,
Page 354 - OUT of the clover and blue-eyed grass He turned them into the river lane; One after another he let them pass, Then fastened the meadow bars again. Under the willows and over the hill, He patiently followed their sober pace; . The merry whistle for once was still, And something shadowed the sunny face. Only a
Page 215 - the same sweet clover smell in the breeze, And the June sun warm Tangles his wings of fire in the trees, Setting as then over Fernside farm. I mind me how, with a lover's care, From my Sunday coat I brushed off the burs and smoothed my hair, And cooled at the
Page 389 - But in mine ears doth still abide The message that the bells let fall; And there was naught of strange beside The flight of mews and peewits pied By millions crouched on the old sea-wall. I sat and spun within the doore, My thread brake off, I raised
Page 396 - in such a rest to keep. But angels say—and through the Word I think their happy smile is heard, " He giveth His beloved sleep ! " For me, my heart that erst did go Most like a tired child at a show, That
Page 392 - of parsley hollow, Hollow, hollow; Come uppe Jetty, rise and follow! From the clovers lift your head; Come uppe Whitefoot, come uppe Lightfoot, Come uppe Jetty, rise and follow Jetty to the milking shed." If it be long—ay, long ago, Againe I hear the Lindis flow

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