What's on Your Mind?: Your Success Begins with Your Thinking

Harrison House, 2006 - 251 pages
Bestselling author, Thomas Weeks, III, reveals powerful thinking habits that will deepen your relationship with God and open the door for His blessing! What's on Your Mind? For many it's variety of anxious, worried, and negative thoughts about themselves or others. Thomas Weeks brings readers a new perspective for taking command of their thoughts and their lives. Not just another positive thinking book, Weeks shows readers the steps outlined in the Scriptures for healthy thinking and a successful life including a deeper relationship with their Father God. Readers are taken through three major passages in the book of Philippians. First, readers are encouraged to stop worrying by bringing their concerns to God with a thankful heart. Second, readers are shown where to focus their thoughts including things that are true, honorable, just, lovely, and kind. This kind of thinking draws readers to a closer, more intimate walk with God. Third, readers are encouraged to follow the apostle Paul's example in their actions. These dynamic principles will revolutionize reader's daily lives and start them on the road to success in their spiritual and physical life!

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