What the World Needs Now: Healing Messages from Angels

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Trafford Publishing, Oct 7, 2008 - Religion
The messages in this book were channelled from Archangels Michael and Gabriel together with a group of Ascended Masters. The purpose of the book is to spread the message of the Symbols to a mass audience (whom the Angels inform me are awaiting them!). It has been written with simplicity as its goal. This book is for all who seek to bring peace into their own world and through themselves, into the world. The book contains its own energy and the simple meditations and breathing practices will connect you to that energy-the healing energy of Angels. It contains messages from the spirit world – a world to which most people believe they will return to. These messages can help you unblock stuck or negative energy – thought and belief systems that result in repetitive behaviour and emotional patterns passed on from generations, both individually and collectively. The reader has an opportunity to perceive life in all its forms from an uncomplicated viewpoint. Archangel Michael's message containing The Earth Experience simplifies the whole of creation into one single thought. How this thought was acceptable to all that is and why it is continuing as it is today. He tells how mankind simply emerged from Angels and how we continue to create with our thoughts, words and actions. Archangel Michael also tells us that human's manifested on earth as The Seven Tribes of humanity, simultaneously in seven different locations. We discover how fear was introduced into life, resulting in the conflicts that exist today. We are also inspired to create Heaven on Earth within ourselves. Archangel Gabriel's message offers us an insight into the continuation of life or the after life as we know it and he speaks to the eternal spirit within us. He shatters the illusion of our ego-self and allows us a clear view beyond the moment we call death. We are told there is no death – only fear of death and how justice and judgement belong to us. Every moment is an opportunity for spiritual growth and we are told how we need to overcome our fear and to find out who and what we really are. The messages within the book challenge our long held belief systems of scientific, philosophical and theological thinking. The simplicity of these messages will challenge the logical thinking brain (as opposed to mind – which is eternal). Archangel Michael tells us that we are not our brain but that we are our feelings and emotions. Our feelings, emotions and repetitive behaviour patterns are examined in the book bringing healing and so, enlightenment to them. The chapter on healing contains tools that can be used by and on anyone to assist the healing process. This book is the story of a man who is dyslexic, who once had a fear of books, had no faith and was very sceptical of any spiritual or psychic happenings. He discovered that he has a natural ability to connect with the Spirit World and channel healing energy and messages for thousands of people. His tools now include Spirit Guides, Angels, Shamanism and Healing through the Aura. He facilitates workshops and courses and provided spiritual healing and guidance to all who seek it. This man refers to himself as the happiest guy I know and has come a long, long way form the confused, angry, and at times suicidal man he once was. His poems interspersed throughout the book are both healing and inspirational and will relate to many people – as will the entire book. The books impact will challenge the reader to look at themselves from a loving perspective and offers gentle and practical help.

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