Whatever It Takes: A Young Mother's Quest to Survive Tragedy

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Madlyne Sorro, mother, wife, environmentalist, professor of Ecology, is determined to save the world from global warming (Ten Years 'til Doomsday). She creates Project SOL (Save Our Lives), but her husband, like the public, doesn't take the crisis seriously; their marriage fails.

Johnathan Winder, a wealthy, handsome CEO, environmentalist, is highly impressed with Madlyne's SOL Project. Both have the same dedication, drive and determination to save the planet. They become partners in SOL. His marriage ends in divorce after his alcoholic wife, JoAnne, tries to kill him, jealous of his relationship with Madlyne.

It is apparent that Madlyne and Johnathan will eventually become more than SOL partners. Both, however, are so deeply engrossed in SOL locally, nationally and internationally, neither has time for anything beside saving the planet. Each has one objective: Save Our Lives.

Johnathan presents SOL to Timothy Caldor best friends, and one of the world's wealthiest people. He, like Madlyne and Johnathan, wants to live. "What good is all this money if I'm not alive to spend it, pal?"

For global acceptance, and United Nations' approval, SOL would require billions of dollars, international connections and United Nation's networking. Timothy has infinite access to national and international funding, and networking. While all three are desperately working on SOL before a "doomsday" deadline, SOL's Scientific Research Center develops a safe substitution for fossil fuel: SOL is accepted by the United Nations as its mandated Universal Environmental Program and Madlyne Sorro becomes an international heroine whose Project SOL indeed saves the planet.

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