Wheat Belly

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HarperCollins, May 22, 2012 - Health & Fitness - 304 pages

Wheat Belly is a provocative look at how eliminating wheat—even so-called healthy whole grain wheat—from our diets is the key to permanent weight loss and can offer relief from a broad spectrum of health and digestive problems.

Drawing on decades of clinical studies and the extraordinary results he has observed after putting thousands of his patients on wheat-free regimens, Dr. William Davis makes a compelling case against this ubiquitous ingredient. A wheat-free diet has been associated with significant benefits, including the following:

  • Weight loss of twenty, thirty, even fifty pounds in the first few months
  • Alleviation of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes
  • Recovery from intestinal woes, like ulcerative colitis and celiac disease
  • Marked improvement in overall cholesterol and LDL counts
  • Improvement in bone density and reversal of osteoporosis
  • Cessation of skin conditions from psoriasis to oral ulcers and hair loss
  • Reduction of inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis pain

Readable, thought-provoking and carefully researched, Wheat Belly offers a new and vitally important perspective on the most critical health concerns of our time.

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My husband and I have been on this dietary modification
for nearly a year. In 3 months I lost 30 pounds and have been able
to maintain that weight loss on this plan. We both feel much better
we don't eat Wheat or other Grains. Also, I am a Type 2 Diabetic
and after 3 months of no Grains my blood sugars retuned to normal. My A1c
was 5.3. I suffer from multiple Autoimmune Conditions and this new way
of eating has resulted in decreased pain and increased energy levels. I am
Living proof of the benefits of giving up wheats and grains. You can enjoy
food by finding alternative recipes and making healthier choices
Try it for a couple months and see how you feel. What do you have to

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I agree with most of what this book addresses and I've seen great results with clients as well as myself by eliminating modern wheat. We have a nation of gluten intolerant people because our bodies don't recognize this hybridized wheat as food. When the body ingests something perceived as foreign or a toxin, it encapsulates the offending ingredient in fat cells in order to protect vital organs. I have one issue with the author and that is the promotion of Splenda (Sucralose) as safe. Stick to the natural sweeteners, i.e., raw local honey or the stevia plant. Avoid anything created in a lab as much as possible. 

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About the author (2012)

William Davis, MD, is a cardiologist who believes that health should be in the hands of the public, so he advocates unique, insightful and cutting-edge strategies to help individuals discover the health hidden within them. His blog, wheatbellyblog.com, has been visited by millions of people. He is the author of international bestselling Wheat Belly, Wheat Belly Total Health and the Wheat Belly cookbooks. He lives in Wisconsin. You can find Dr. Davis and Wheat Belly on Facebook and Twitter.

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