When Angels Enter: A Story Of The Supernatural

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AuthorHouse, Oct 1, 2004 - Fiction - 492 pages
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Dare to read this story and remain the way you were. 40 year old Doctor Paul Wheeler, Chief of Staff at one of Toronto's leading hospitals and also a cynical, hard-headed sceptic, is confronted with a four-day-dead cadaver which comes back to life. This is the beginning of bizarre events which begin to drastically change his normal life! The very next day, the doctor he has assigned to handle this 'once-dead-now-alive' case is killed in an eerie, freak accident while on duty, causing Paul to, once again face a supernatural world he'd fled 25 years ago. When the most beautiful, stunning woman crosses his path, he tries to connect but his hopes are dashed because she is one of those 'born-again-Spirit-filled, tongues-talking Christians'. His total revulsion towards anything supernatural keeps him back. But then his evil, Satanic uncle from whom Paul had fled 25 years before, comes back into his life putting the woman, her friends, and Paul in extreme danger! Circumstances keep them all penned up together in one place under attack from visible and invisible demons and men who are out to destroy them. A scrawny-looking, youth shows up, offering to help. This fellow is strange in an eerie manner and Paul is suspicious. Paul's senses are soon reeling as angels and demons start manifesting! It begins to look like they will all die horrible deaths! From one horrific, bone-chilling experience to another, seemingly without a break, things go from bad to worse. Everything builds to a startling climax when Satan's and Paul's fiendish uncle's plans for world domination and destruction are discovered. Can they be stopped in time? Can this little group manage to stay alive? The answer will stun thereader!

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