When Are We Going Home?: Building a House: a Christian Inspiration

Front Cover
AuthorHouse, 2005 - Religion - 108 pages

This novel is not directed at a niche audience. It is not a Gothic, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, history, romance, sex (well, maybe just a tad), adventure, or religious book. Nor is it a feel good book. Instead, it roams the universe, transcending time and space as it looks in on historical figures, such as Abraham, Elizabeth I, Jefferson, Rasputin, Kennedy, and other famous and infamous notables, while also visiting other worlds: Stripy, home of the frenetic Frantiques; the beautiful planet Maroney in the constellation Gravada that has fifteen thousand primary colors; and Grossius, the "mud planet" where the disgusting Grossers dwell. It also contains interesting asides, like why love bugs are so aptly named, and the frustration of so many males on the planet Boyardia.

The book will have little appeal to closed minds, but for those even slightly ajar it suggests the possibility of other realities and revelations. The emergent universal deity gives short shrift to organized religion, professional sports, and war, as they don't fit into his/her/its agenda for achieving the preferred denouement of the universe.

Beyond the long march through time and space, and all that it reveals, this book is about having fun.

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