When Grandpa’s Fairy Flew Away

Front Cover
Xlibris Corporation, Apr 24, 2012 - Religion - 85 pages

Sean Kyle, the major spectator of his 64 year old grandpa's forbidden love affair, is an eight years old boy, who is 2/3 white and 1/3 Filipino, raised in a multicultural setting where the Dot.com world reigns supreme.
  As he marvels the tranformation of his "Lolo"{ a Filipino term for grandfather}, from a bored, grouchy, old man to a "young Brad Pitt who is madly in love", Sean kyle hold hands with him while both face life's challenges with their songs, smiles, tears, laughters, anguish,and more songs! They cope safely by focusing on their flowering plants, their loving dogs, their love for books ,on their favorite games, music, and their endless discussions about the wonders and beauty of the Philippines.
  His grandpa's vibrant demeanor and lively responses to all life's eventualities drive Sean kyle to wonder and become more investigative. In the process he discovers that his grandpa and the other woman he dearly calls "Palangga" belong to another world unknown and unexposed  by facebook, google or yahoo... a beautiful, ancient world where love is expressed not thru phone calls  emails or texts but thru well written letters, flowers and serenades..a world of two teenagers in love who first met in Pangasinan, Philippines some four decades back.
   Sean's inquisitive and perceptive mind works vigorously to gather more data about them ...how they met 42 years later...
   His grandpa who has no inkling about Sean Kyle's  discoveries, have dealt with Sean's questions  regarding life's issues such as discrimination, sex, sex predators, mental and physical illnesses, credit card misuse and abuse, government corruption etc..with his unique, interactive way. His Lolo's examples and words of wisdom have a strong impact on Sean who has sharpened his critical thinking skills in the process. Sean realizes the dominant role of values, religion, and culture in people's behavior and ways of thinking thus affecting all aspects of their lives at times.
  When values, culture and religion attempt to create disaster on his grandpa's lovelife, Sean kyle shows fierce defiance and huge anger. Will culture be a blessing in this story or will it  be a curse?! Only the readers could tell.                                                                      


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