When Woman Became the Sea: A Costa Rican Creation Myth

Front Cover
Beyond Words Pub., 1998 - Creation - 32 pages
Sibu has created the world, filling it with mountains, valleys, jungles, and many creatures. But something is missing. He enlists his friend Thunder to help complete the world, but Thunder is too busy cracking and booming to pay attention.

So Sibu creates woman, making her as beautiful as the skies and the earth. Thunder, spellbound by this woman named Sea, takes her as his bride. Sea finds herself caught between Sibu and Thunder's demands, so she decides to go off by herself Once alone, she is bitten by an enchanted snake. A series of magical transformations takes place in Sea, turning her into a wondrous tree that attracts birds of every color and feather. Sibu, annoyed by the ensuing racket, has two birds destroy the tree, and as it comes crashing down, all the water in the world -- seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers -- comes pouring from the trunk. Of course, it was water that was missing all along!

The alluring story introduces children to Costa Rican culture. Cristina Acosta's bright and whimsical paintings bring this ancient myth to life.

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