When the Heart Speaks!: Twenty Years of Silence

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AuthorHouse, Jan 30, 2006 - Religion - 76 pages

When the Heart Speaks is a recollection of the past twenty years of my life, which includes serving in the army and traveling around the world to places I dreamed about as a child, but never imagine I would actually go there, and for that I am forever grateful.

When the Heart Speaks will allow you become a part of me, for a brief moment or however long you choose to do so. You will experience the emotional rollercoaster ride of life, as well as the trail and tribulations one goes through, when they keep things inside to long or don’t know how to express themselves, when those feelings are pleading to come out, but you refuse to release them or don’t know how to release them.

I’ve learned when that happens, in my opinion; GOD (The Real Author) brings you to a point in your life, with the assistance of your heart, and lets you know that’s enough. They’re trying to tell you, to get your act together, if you’re not living the way you should, especially if you know you’ve been given blessings from above, and still choose to go down the wrong path. In my case, I haven’t listen or paid attention to the warning signs that were there, so now it’s either their way or the byway. I’ve decided it would be their way.                          

                                           Thank-you GOD!

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About the author (2006)

I was born in the city of Valdosta, which is located in southern Georgia. Raised by what many would say these days is a single parent (Mom), but we know her as one of GOD’S angels who could deal with anything and I think that’s the way I’ll leave it. I remember what she taught me and my brothers and sisters as we grew up. Things like Love, Sacrifice, Strength, Forgiveness, Struggle and most of all GOD.

            As a child, I knew I had to grow up a little faster than the other kids my age, not because I wanted too, but, because I thought it was time to be a man. And besides that, I thought mom had did enough and it was time for us to give back.

            So, after graduating from high school, I made the decided to join the army for three years, now twenty years later, I can honestly say I’ve been around the world, fought in two wars (Desert Strom, Operation Iraqi Freedom), experience pain, held suffering and walk with death.

I married my high school sweetheart, and we’re still together, which is very rare these days. We’re blessed with two sons, which is where most of my inspiration comes from. Once again, thank-you GOD!

            I started writing about ten years ago, or should I say started keeping my writing. I would probably have a set of encyclopedias by now, but that’s another story and another book. I will now try to help others as I’ve been helped with my life’s lessons. We don’t always understand why things happen and that’s just a part of life. But believe me, there’s a reason for it, you just have to stand and wait until it comes to you.

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