"Where Angels Fear to Tread": And Other Tales of the Sea

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McClure's Magazine and Metropolitan Magazine, 1899 - Fiction - 248 pages
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Page 1 - WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD" " I have seen wicked men and fools, a great many of each; and I believe they both get paid in the end, but the fools first.
Page 176 - a few hundred generations old—which they call a culture, or serum —is death on the original bird ; and that's what they sent in to help out. Pasteur's dead, worse luck, but sometime old Koch'll find out what we've known all along—that it's only variation from type." " Koch ! " he answered, eagerly and proudly.
Page 123 - Course we kin turn her adrif' ag'in, an' be wuss off, too ; we can't find de foremast now. But dat ain't de bes' way. John," he called to the Englishman of the crew, " how many men do you' country tramp steamers carry? " John computed mentally, then muttered :
Page 173 - He could not answer, and the friendly guard resumed his vigil. In a few moments, however, he could take cognizance of what was going on in the stream. There was a new army in the fight, and reinforcements were still coming. A short distance above him was
Page 129 - the well-doing of their part of the contract. When the infuriated English captain, now recovered, had exhausted his stock of adjectives and epithets, he informed them (and he was backed by his steward and engineer) that there was neither food nor coal for the run to New York ; to which
Page 138 - chance," said the captain of this liner to the pilot, as he rejoined him on the bridge an hour later, " of international complications over this case, and I may have to lose a trip to testify. That's the Afghan Prince and consort that I was telling you about. Strange,
Page 137 - left nourished the fires as they could, until the afternoon of the third day of fog, when the thumping, struggling engines halted, started, made a half-revolution, and came to a dead stop. Amos crawled on deck and forward to the bridge, where, with Elisha's help, he dragged on the
Page 126 - do." Inch by inch they gathered in their cable and coiled it down, unmoved by the protesting toots of the steamer's whistle. When half of it lay on the deck, the steamer slowed down, while her crew worked at their end of the rope ; then she went ahead,
Page 116 - a police launch, it seemed that the end was at hand; for she had done no wrong in Plymouth, and the police boat was evidently acting on general principles and instructions, which were vital enough to extend the pursuit to the three-mile limit. Her trips had become necessarily

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