Which Door Has the Cadillac: Adventures of a Real-Life Mathematician

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In Which Door Has the Cadillac?, Andrew Vazsonyi reveals the personal side of a mathematician who passionately believes that the more people know about real-life math, the better their lives will be. Laced with offbeat humor and plenty of anecdotes, his memoir will be appreciated by readers interested in a lively, personal account of the world by someone who lives and breathes math.

As Carol J. Latta, executive director of the Decision Sciences Institute, says, "For over three decades, Andy Vazsonyi has shared his passion and genius for real-world math with his colleagues in the decision sciences community. His memoir reflects the combination of his extraordinary intellect and prevailing sense of humor."

Martin K. Starr, Distinguished Professor of Management Science and Operations Management at Rollins College's Crummer Graduate School of Business, says, "Andy's memoirs are an unconventional trip to places you can never find again with people who remain great even though they are no more, in ways that only Andy's mind can fashion."

Master stories by the master storyteller! Andy Vazsonyi has been my mentor and inspiration for my entire career.
Nancy Weida, Chair, Management Department, Bucknell University

I am delighted to see that others will share the life story of my father whose love, creativity and self-reliance has been a constant source of inspiration to me.
Bobbi Chaney, M.A. psychotherapist, author, and musician

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