Whirlpools: A Novel of Modern Poland

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Little, Brown, 1910 - Poland - 390 pages
A social/political novel of modern Poland.

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Page 213 - ... attack accords with the dogma of the stout nationalist : that the struggle for the national existence, risked and enfeebled by the struggle of classes, was essential even to economic reform. " Our Socialists have undertaken the construction of a new house, forgetting that we live huddled together in a few rooms, and that in the others dwell strangers who will not assent to it; or rather on the contrary they will permit the demolition of those few rooms, but will not allow their reconstruction.
Page 93 - ... consideration of Socialism is confined to the Polish brand, a form of Syndicalism, so that the problem is remote to an American, though now and then we encounter comments of wider import — notably the following, which certain of our own propagandists of "the new freedom" would do well to ponder: — ". . . . the socialist commonwealth, if you ever establish one, will be such a surrender of human institutions, such a jamming of man into the driving-wheels of the general mechanism, such a restraint...
Page 353 - Too much dost thou vex me; therefore I renounce Thee, and from this day wish to forget Thee! And nobody says that Jackals seek carrion, not suffering So she lives in everyone of us, in all of us together, and will survive all the whirlpools in the world. And we will set our teeth, and will continue to suffer for Thee, Mother, and we, and if God wills it so — our children and our grandchildren, will renounce neither Thee nor hope.
Page 43 - ... as the ancient tribal hierarchy is disappearing. I was interested to read in a native newspaper the consoling words: "Without Christian teachings Native Education is more or less valueless"; and only a few days earlier I had read in Sienkiewicz's Whirlpool these words: "At present there is raging an epidemic of founding schools and no one asks . . . what is the end to be obtained.
Page 106 - Anney and became as engrossed with her as if there were no one else in the room. It was apparent that his exclamation on that morning that "one could lose his head" was but a confirmation of a symptom which intensified more and more with each moment.
Page 359 - ON THE FIELD OF GLORY An Historical Romance of Poland in the Reign of King John Sobieski.
Page 348 - Let things continue to proceed thus, and who knows whether, after ten or twenty years, we will not thus bury learning, art, culture, bah! even the entire civilization. And that not only here but everywhere. There will be an endless series of such events.
Page 357 - As a study of the introduction of the gospel of love into the pagan world typified by Rome, it is marvellously fine. — Chicago Interior.
Page 64 - That river has flown for ages. At times, when covered by other ideas, it coursed underground, and later emerged into the broad daylight. At times it subsides, then swells and overflows.
Page 146 - If thou wouldst know the truth, it is better to sit than stand, better to lie down than sit, and rather than lie down, it is better to sleep.

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