White Fang

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Macmillan and Company, 1911 - 329 pages
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When a teenage boy is torn from his friends and city surroundings by his family

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Out in the wild two men named Bill and Henry were struggling to push a man that froze to death up to Mcgurry. On their way there they decided to make camp, and while doing this Bill noticed the dogs were acting very strange. Some wolves noticed that Bill and Henry was feeding the dogs and Bill becomes very nervous. The next day Bill finds out that one of their dogs named Fatty was gone and he knew it was one of the wolves. They moved on from this incident and set out after breakfast still with the frozen body.
Bill and Henry are concerned for their voyage that is set ahead of them. They want everything to go smoothly, but within hours of their trip strange things begin to occur and they do not know what is ahead of them.
That afternoon one of the wolves tries to steal some salmon. Bill was appalled by this type of wolf because it also looked like a dog, so appalled he told Henry. The dogs kept disappearing and before they knew it the wolves were back looking for food again because of the famine that was taking place. Bill and Henry go to bed next to the fire and gets some sleep for tomorrow. When they go to set out in the morning one of the ears breaks and the dogs start heading towards the she-wolf and her pack. Henry knows for a fact that the wolves are not nice, but Bill can not take it anymore so he takes his rifle and told Henry he was going to save at least one ear. Bill leaves and Henry sits in silence, but then he hears a scream of pain and two gunshots and then a wolf howl out. Henry knew what had happen so he gets up and goes to gather firewood to set up camp. He takes the coffin they were traveling with and throws it in the tree somewhere because he knows this trip just isn’t possible without Bill. As he layed there that night he stayed very close to the fire knowing that if the wolves got too close he could scare them away with fire. Henry had a nightmare that night about one of the wolves’ fangs digging into his flesh so he builds a fire in a circle around him and just falls asleep. When he awoke he notices the wolves are gone and he sees a group of men coming his way. Henry knows he is saved.
By now in the story we know that Henry and Bill are struggling to keep it together. It seems like nothing can go right. The dogs keep either breaking loose or starving. When Bill died Henry almost lost it, but thanks to the people to his rescue he can live on to tell the story of what happened on this trip he endowed.
Kiche(half dog/half wolf) “she-wolf”hears the men and take off with her pack. the wolves kill a moose and realize their famine is over and with this the pack splits up. Kiche runs with the pack down Mackenzie River and slowly the pack lightens and the result is of only Kiche and three other male wolves. Then chaos breaks out and the two older wolves kill the youngest wolf and then the older wolf kills the oldest wolf. Later on Kiche gets pregnant so she finds a hidden hole in the ground and gives birth to her puppies. One of the pups are especially strong and curious about the world and loves to eat. Later that year there was another famine and the father of the puppies cannot find food so all the puppies die except the strong and eating one. Unfortunately the father gets into a fight with a lynx and ends up getting killed.
Now in the story we know that White Fang is born and is about to go on many adventures to find his true path in life. He will endeavour many hardships and memories along the way.
As the months pass the little puppy soon grows and learns to hunt and stalk. One morning his mother killed a lynx kitten and the mother lynx came to their cave and began to fight the mother. The son steps in and soon they bring the lynx down. Deep down the pup realizes it is eat or be eaten. They are all scraped up so they stay in the cave to recuperate for a couple of days.The pup decides to go out and wander about and comes upon this Indian village and gets his name White Fang. They end up capturing his mother and they end up living there together.Sadly White Fang is tormented by a puppy

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