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Pleasing to the palate, exciting to the eye, soothing and healing for the body and mind. This captures the essence of Swarna Sugunasiri's Cooking from My Heart.

These Recipes have emerged in the process of trying to make tasty, healthy and colourful meals† in a family setting in North America.†† Though the initial inspiration is the Sri Lankan palate, don't be surprised to find the recipes† taking you far and wide,† to many a land, breaking† traditional boundaries.† Living in North America over four decades, Swarna's family would not be satisfied with anything less!††

The spices and the condiments in the recipes have been deliberately chosen for their intrinsic healing properties and tongue satisfying flavours. Whatever your culinary tradition, North American, European, Asian or African, Cooking from My Heart will leave you asking for more. Anyone trying out Swarna's recipes of Sri Lankan flavours with an international†† twist will not fail to be excited by the sheer joy of cooking, and enjoying them with family and friends for years to come.††

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