Who in the Zoo Are You?: (I'm Monkey See, Monkey Do)

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iUniverse, May 10, 2012 - Fiction - 234 pages
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Written for people who feel penned in, themselves, by being what's expected of them to be and not what they should really be free to be, Who in the Zoo are You? contains more than 2,500 jokes and one-liners that offers readers the chance to see what lies behind the bars that we all have to live behind in order to survive in the zoo. From an animal's camouflage to a colourful flower's alluring scent planet Earth, itself, is a liar to us all. So, why wouldn't people exhibit the behaviours that they have to show to get what they want and need, too? What exactly are you a human being?
Willidau finds it confining surviving in the zoo, looking at life free on the inside, for himself, and living a look locked up on the outside for others. So, he decided to venture out and see how all the other animals cope with the stresses of living in a virtual prison, themselves. Ken Willidau's philosophy is that if you're going to live a life inside-out you might as well let the outside in so you'll know why you are what you have to be on the outside, yourself, to adapt to it. By the end of the visit you will see that you've always been living in the zoo and you're your own exhibit, for others to view, too.
Chapters tour behind-the-scenes at the zoo to give people thoughts on how they can fit in if they restrict themselves to fitting in and nothing else. Among them, ‘A Social Butterfly’, ‘Frisky as a Bunny’, ‘Bats in the Belfry’, ‘Lazy as a Sloth’, ‘Drunk as a Skunk’ and ‘A Starfish is Born’. The day is spent with Willidau letting loose jokes using wit, dark humour, twisted logic, three secrets he knows about you, plays on words and double entendre humour. Spending your time with Ken will be a barrel of laughs if you're monkey see, monkey do, too.
Who in the Zoo are You? is a perfect read for those times when you think you think you're living in a zoo and you'd be better, yourself, if you got to know who your own predators and prey are, now, to survive it.

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