Why I Sued Eddie Murphy

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Great book no punches pulled and no quarter given Mr Gregory L. Hudson is a true warrior poet!! This book comes with both literary barrels loaded. After reading this book sorry for anyone that takes him on in court or anywhere for that matter. The chapter 100 year curse is akin to Malcom X comment chickens comming.home to roost. Kudos Mr Hudson!! - Desean M. Moore 

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The Book of the CENTURY!!!
Brilliant!!!! Funny!!!! Heart-pounding, irie,and suspenseful !!! May well be the book of the century!
This is one of the most cleverly written and insightful book ever written on Copyright theft and how Hollywood and celebrities so easily get away with stealing 'Independent Artists' work.
For the ordinary reader, this book is simply breathe-taking and the reader should not begin to read this book unless he/she is fully prepared to read it all at once because once you start ... it's very hard to put it down. For writers or artists, all of you should read this book to see just how easy your work can be stolen and there is very little that you can do about it. What is most shocking is, how Gregory's own lawyers (two different law firms) turned against him and aided Eddie Murphy, Heavy D, Universal Studios and others. Even more shocking is how the court system routinely ruled against him in spite of undeniable evidence and still the courts wouldn't allow him a trial by jury. CHAPTER 13: "100 Year Curse" is so irie and chilling that, that, that, ... well this chapter chronicles the hard times, tragedies,deaths... surrounding many of the people involed in the creation of the movie, LIFE, after Gregory found out that his plays, "No Harm, No Foul" and "Bronx House" were used to make the movie without his permission. This chapter will literally leave you .... SPEECHLESS!!!!
Hold on too your hat because this book takes you on a ride as if you were walking step by step with Gregory from the time his works were used, through the burning of a massive 6 by 8 foot hole in his security fence around his home to the Supreme Court of the United States.
As a bonus ... this book has photos of Gregory performing his plays Off-Broadway in New York City and the scenes in the photos are pretty much 'identical' from scenes in the movie LIFE long before the movie, LIFE was ever written.
Everyone law student or wanta be lawyer should read this book and it should be on every law school's syllabus on 'due process of the law, ethics, and copyright infringement.


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