Why I Want to Be Left Behind: Exposing the Fiction in Today's End-Times Prophecy Teaching

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Word & Spirit Press, 2008 - 144 pages
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Ever worried about being "left behind"? Or being fooled into accepting some ID number that is the feared "mark of the beast"? Or have you enjoyed a best-selling Left Behind book but wondered if the Bible really teaches that? "Why I Want to Be Left Behind" cuts through lots of popular-but-wrong teaching about the end-times to bring good news: God is redeeming his creation, not planning to trash it as a failed project. Prepare for happy surprises as author Daniel D. Isgrigg shows why you too really want . . . the mark (see p. 21); to be left behind (see p. 1); to go through the tribulation (see p. 9); and be among the 144,000 (see p. 81). Let "Why I Want to Be Left Behind" literally suck the fear and wild-eyed speculation out of the glorious truth of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Rather than worrying about current events in the Middle East, "Why I Want to Be Left Behind" will have you rejoicing in the God of your salvation -- and wanting to share his good news with others.

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