Why We Age: Solving the Puzzle of Aging

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Independently Published, Dec 10, 2019 - 212 pages
'Why we age' explains the biology in an all-inclusive way for the first time. Judy Ford PhD is a geneticist/cell biologist who herself has contributed some significant research in the field of aging. In this book, Judy puts together many of the currently disparate theories and explains how the various 'theories of ageing' need to be considered together. Because of her unusual cross-disciplinary knowledge, she is able to explain how all the pieces of the complex puzzle fit together and make some (sometimes unusual) recommendations for healthier lifestyles.Despite the need to use some medical and scientific terminology, this is book can be easily understood by any intelligent person. It is particularly suitable for anyone with some knowledge of the science of health, and doctors, dentists, nurses, scientists have all found it extremely interesting.A reader (Mary's) perspective: I really enjoyed reading "Why we age - Solving the puzzle of aging" by Dr Judy Ford. Even though I do not have a background in Science, the unfamiliar terms in Section 1 were so clearly and promptly explained in the text that I felt confident to continue reading and understand the solution to the puzzle. The insights promised in Part B possibly causing various disease across the world were thought provoking and the recommendations in Part C can be trusted. In this book, Dr Judy Ford (the academic) becomes Judy Ford (just another woman going through the aging process) who comforts and encourages us all to be more positive and proactive in caring for our own aging bodies and minds. Judy's final words of advice clearly come from her sound empirical evidence and respected research, as much as her personal life experience, keen sense of humor and a refreshing "good old dose of common sense"

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