Why the Innocent Plead Guilty and the Guilty Go Free

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Lightening Source Incorporated, 2005 - Law - 441 pages
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This book concerns the effective brutality and injustice of the plea bargain system in an age when many effective safeguards of criminal defense have already been disabled or circumvented. In some states modifications to the rules of evidence concerning hearsay, he said/she said, and the administration of no-contact or protection orders have created a chronic nightmare of injustice for the working poor and made America a land of largely invisible misery.

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My name is Stanley Scott Sadler and I am the subject of part of this book, so trust in what I'm saying, because you are literally hearing it from the proverbial "horse's mouth". While I do not agree with the apparent religious/moral condemnation by the author regarding online dating and adult/private sexual activity - all of which is very common, completely legal, and constitutionally protected - this book addresses a very real problem that continues to be intentionally hidden from the public. People flock to the "horror stories" and sensationalized media coverage when a high-profile arrest is made, but what do they care and what do you hear when the accused is found not-guilty of the supposedly heinous charges? In my case, I was portrayed as a "Monster" in the local and national media. I'm sure most people saw or read some of that, but did you hear that I was initially found NOT-GUILTY of 30 out of the 38 charges - and did you realize that the other 8 charges were only the result of blatant prosecutorial misconduct, overturned completely, and then quietly dismissed after 8 1/2 years of unjust incarceration? Probably not, because as the author stated, the media really isn't interested that the charges were dismissed and that I'm now cleared and free. It doesn't scare anybody and it doesn't boost their viewers or subscribers. And so the truth of this kind of injustice is ignored, and it happens over and over again. No problem, you say? I agree - until it happens to you - your son - or somebody else you love and care about. Perhaps you'll wake up then and realize that there is a modern day witch hunt in progress. So, if you're reading this review, remember it was written by somebody who's been through the false accusations, refused to say he was guilty of something he didn't do, turned down all plea bargains, and cleared himself completely. But that was only after horrendous damage was unjustly done to his life, family, and reputation. PLEASE - READ THIS AUTHOR'S BOOK AND WARNING. Become politically active and enact change to bring fairness and sanity back to the legal system before it destroys additional lives. 

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