Winkles's Architectural and Picturesque Illustrations of the Cathedral Churches of England and Wales: Salisbury cathedral. Canterbury cathedral. York cathedral. St. Paul's cathedral. Wells cathedral. Rochester cathedral. Winchester cathedral

E. Wilson, 1836
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PÓgina x - Last came, and last did go The pilot of the Galilean lake; Two massy keys he bore of metals twain (The golden opes, the iron shuts amain) ; He shook his mitred locks, and stern bespake: 'How well could I have spared for thee, young swain, Enow of such, as for their bellies' sake Creep and intrude and climb into the fold!
PÓgina 124 - The said college shall be constructed with the most durable materials, and in the most permanent manner, avoiding needless ornament, and attending chiefly to the strength, convenience, and neatness of the whole : It shall be at least one hundred and ten feet east and west, and one hundred and sixty feet north and south...
PÓgina 10 - As many days as in one year there be, So many windows in one church we see ; As many marble pillars there appear, As there are hours throughout the fleeting year ; As many gates as moons one year do view : Strange tale to tell, yet not more strange than true.
PÓgina 84 - It is very remarkable that Wells Cathedral was finished in 1242, two years after the birth of Cimabue, the restorer of painting in Italy ; and the work was going on at the same time that Nicolo Pisano, the Italian restorer of sculpture, exercised the art in his own country : it was also finished forty-six years before the Cathedral of Amiens, and thirty-six...
PÓgina 70 - Valentinian, and remained buried until 1587, when Sixtus V. removed it to its present site. The height of the shaft, without base or ornaments, is 78J feet; the entire height from the ground to the top of the cross is about 112 feet.
PÓgina 84 - Pisano, the Italian restorer of sculpture, exercised the art in his own country : it was also finished forty-six years before the Cathedral of Amiens, and thirty-six years before the Cathedral of Orvieto was begun ; and it seems to be the first specimen of such magnificent and varied sculpture, united in a series of sacred history, that is to be found in Western Europe.
PÓgina 30 - Gate, the principle avenue from the city to the precincts of the Cathedral, was erected in the early part of the reign of Henry VIII., and is a singularly fine specimen of enriched Tudor architecture. The spandrils of both the large and small arches of the gatehouse are charged with the arms of Cardinal Morton, of Archbishop Warham, and of the priory of Christ's-church ; on the bosses of the vaulting to the archways are sculptured the badges of Priors Goldstone and Goldwell, and the arms of Wolsey,...
PÓgina i - The divine order and economy of the one, seemed to be emblematically set forth by the just, plain, and majestic architecture of the other. And as the one consists of a great variety of parts united in the same regular design, according to the truest art, and most exact proportion, so the other contains a decent subordination of members, various sacred institutions, sublime doctrines, and solid precepts of morality digested into the same design, and with an admirable concurrence tending to one view,...
PÓgina 84 - Therefore the work is necessarily ill drawn and deficient in principle, and much of the sculpture is rude and severe, yet in parts there is a beautiful simplicity, an irresistible sentiment, and sometimes a grace excelling more modern productions.
PÓgina viii - Bishop elected : and then the King gives his royal assent, under the Great Seal, directed to the Archbishop, commanding him to confirm and consecrate the Bishop thus elected. And the Archbishop subscribes it, viz.

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