Winning Over Anger

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Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC, 2012 - Anger - 158 pages
Have you ever been so angry that you just wanted to scream? What about so angry that you have screamed-screamed obscenities, insults, and abuse? When was the last time you could control the anger instead of the anger controlling you? Author Carla Gilstrap struggled with anger for years. Her anger raged out of control, and she began having black outs. She couldn't remember what she said or did during these episodes, and she lived in perpetual fear that she would harm herself or a loved one. She tried everything: self-help books, counseling, and anger management programs. Nothing worked. And then she had an epiphany. The truth is we have been lied to about anger, what it is, what it does, why it happens, and most of all, what we can do to manage it. We cannot isolate ourselves from anger. Anger is not something that might happen to us; anger is something that will happen. We all get angry. But just because you will get angry doesn't mean that you have to lose your temper. If you're ready for a calmer, more peaceful life, one where you are in control, then you're ready for Winning Over Anger. For more information, visit

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