Wisconsin Journal of Education, Volume 19

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The Association, 1889 - Education

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Page 174 - The reverend champion stood. At his control Despair and anguish fled the struggling soul ; Comfort came down, the trembling wretch to raise, And his last faltering accents whispered praise.
Page 112 - The piercing through the involved and inverted sentences of Paradise Lost ; the linking of the verb to its often distant nominative, of the relative to its distant antecedent, of the agent to the object of the transitive verb, of the preposition to the noun or pronoun which it governed ; the study of variations in mood and tense, the...
Page 338 - Freedom, thou art not, as poets dream, A fair young girl, with light and delicate limbs, And wavy tresses, gushing from the cap With which the Roman master crowned his slave When he took off the gyves ! A bearded man, Armed to the teeth, art thou; one mailed hand Grasps the broad shield, and one the sword; thy brow, Glorious in beauty though it be, is scarred With tokens of old wars...
Page 309 - No school shall be regarded as a school, under this act, unless there shall be taught therein, as part of the elementary education of children, reading, writing, arithmetic and United States history, in the English language.
Page 70 - We must have a weak spot or two in a character before we can love it much. People that do not laugh or cry, or take more of anything than is good for them, or use anything but dictionary words, are admirable subjects for biographies. But we don't always care most for those flat-pattern flowers that press best in the herbarium.

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