Wisdom of Eosphoros - The Luciferian Philosophy

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Lulu.com, May 14, 2015 - 137 pages
What is Luciferianism and how is it different from other beliefs and paths? What do Luciferians actually practice and where is this philosophy derived from? These questions and so many more are explained within this concise, philosophically-oriented book which is entirely focused on the spiritual and carnal approach towards life and the desire of self-excellence and power. Luciferianism must be approached as a way of thinking, shaping the mind and attaining insight and power within your life. This work is the Introduction of the Greater Church of Lucifer (GCOL) and its philosophy is presented by Michael W. Ford, Jacob No, Jeremy Crow and Hope Marie. Eosphoros is focused on applying the self-transforming philosophy into tangible results, without any specific concepts of ceremonial or ritual magick. Beginning with the ideals of a Luciferian, exploring the origins, beliefs of life after death and how to attain individual power, Wisdom of Eosphoros is for those with the courage to seek their potential.

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