Wising Up: Life Without Regrets

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AuthorHouse, 2004 - 280 strán (strany)

Wising Up is for everybody: the middle-aged, aging boomer, and anyone interested in Wising Up and living more consciously.

After over forty years of combined experience in teaching and creating and facilitating workshops, Milton realized that our culture's focus is primarily on recreation and prolonging life, rather than the quality of that life. He concluded that people who were willing to look at their own personal histories are better able to make changes that produce a more satisfying life without regrets.

These concepts can recreate the promise of hopefulness you may have forgotten:


Awareness of attitudes and behaviors that limit and contribute to a sense that somehow life is not working.

Conscious living

Conscious living implies your choices are based on today's reality.

Awakening to wholeness

Rediscover your own wholeness and a sense of hope.

Wising Up reassures that life has meaning and instructs how to find that meaning. The book provides methods to increase consciousness and broaden narrowed perspectives. Through the author's own experience, as well as the teachings of others, you will learn the process involved in self-discovery and greater attentiveness to living.

Participate in Wising Up and live life without regrets.


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