Women and Social Class: International Feminist Perspectives

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Christine Zmroczek, Pat Mahony
Psychology Press, 1999 - Feminist theory - 241 pages
This volume presents debates on class within an international context. Its particular focus is on women's theorized experience of social class from a variety of feminist perspectives, contextualized in relation to the countries and regions in which they live. Using personal experience as a basis, contributors cover Australia, Bangladesh, Botswana, Britain, Canada, Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic, India, Israel, Korea, New Zealand, Poland, and the USA - iluminating the differences and similarities between regions.; Challenging the view that "class is dead" as well as the idea that it is a British phenomenon, the book argues that class needs to be regarded as a key concept in any attempt to understand women's lives. It also reflects on personal and political experiences of class around the world in order to understand the mechanisms through which class discrimination operates and is mediated by gender, sexuality, ethnicity and racism.


What does it mean to be a middleclass woman in Botswana?
The new Hebrews new woman growing up Israeli and middleclass
Who am I? A journey across class and identity
Class attainment and sexuality in late twentiethcentury Britain
Women in and after a classless society
Class gender and ethnicity snapshots of a mixed heritage
Class matters Yes it does
Coming out
Personal reflections from the margins an interface with race class nation and gender
Owning up to being middle class race gender and class in the context of migration
Officially known as other multiethnic identities and class status
You nurtured me to be a carefree bird O Mother
Genealogies of class
Questioning correspondence an Australian womans account of the effects of social mobility on subjective class consciousness
Spilling the caviar telling privileged class tales

Class and transnational identities a KoreanAmerican woman in England

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Page 233 - For feminist researchers, females are worth examining as individuals and people whose experience is interwoven with other women. In other words, feminists are interested in women as individuals and as a social category, (Reinharz, 1992: 24) Feminist gerontology is now recognising this in relation to older women.
Page 233 - Class is not just about the way you talk, or dress, or furnish your home; it is not just about the job you do or how much money you make doing it; nor is it merely about whether or not you have A levels or went to university, nor which university you went to.

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