Women and the Spirit of the New Deal

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The book highlights the extensive role of women in the programs and operations of the New Deal under President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was prepared for a two-day conference, "Women and the Spirit of the New Deal," held in Berkeley, California on October 5-6, 2018. The conference was jointly sponsored by The Living New Deal, The National New Deal Preservation Association and The Frances Perkins Center. The brief biographies of approximately 100 women include some individuals who were known to the public and remembered by historians, while others operated behind the scenes and have been virtually forgotten. Some were prominent during the period 1933-1945 while not formally linked to government programs. Most played significant roles in the numerous agencies, projects and programs of the federal government during a dozen years when the relationship between the government and American citizens was profoundly reshaped. The women include politicians, administrators, lawyers, social workers, authors, journalists, painters, sculptors, musicians and scientists. The book begins a process of identifying hundreds if not thousands of women whose roles during this eventful period were of consequence in contributing to the transformations that took place through the initiatives of the Roosevelt Administration. Our hope is that readers of this book will contribute the names and descriptions of additional women (including modifications and/or elaborations of the biographies contained herein) to the websites of the three sponsoring organizations where they will be available to students, scholars and interested citizens:

The Living New Deal www.livingnewdeal.org

The National New Deal Preservation Association www.newdeallegacy.org

The Frances Perkins Center www.FrancesPerkinsCenter.org

About the author (2019)

The National New Deal Preservation Association (NNDPA) is an organization devoted to preserving the country's New Deal legacy through the identification, documentation, preservation and public education about the New Deal and its profound impact on Americans in the Great Depression - specifically through the visual and performing arts, literature, crafts, structures and environmental projects. The Frances Perkins Center (FPC) honors the legacy of Frances Perkins by sharing her commitment to the principle that government should provide all its people with the best possible life, and by preserving the place that shaped her character. The Center convenes leaders and future leaders in public policy, labor and related fields to generate creative solutions to today's social and economic problems and teaches students of all ages about a remarkable woman whose work continues to improve the lives of ordinary Americans. The mission of the Living New Deal (LND) is three-fold: research, presentation and education. It begins with the historical work of uncovering the immense riches of New Deal public works. That research is then made available to all through digital mapping and a website that serves as a clearinghouse for information on the New Deal. And, finally, the information gained from our work is disseminated as widely as possible through newsletters, social media, written media, interviews, lectures and other public events.

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