Wood's Medical and surgical monographs, Volume 3

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William Wood, 1889

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Page 734 - As we were going away, we observed some motion about the body, and upon examination, found his pulse and the motion of his heart gradually returning : he began to breathe gently and speak softly...
Page 734 - Skrine the least soil of breath on the bright mirror he held to his mouth ; then each of us by turns examined his arm, heart, and breath, but could not, by the nicest scrutiny, discover the least symptom of life in him.
Page 734 - Skrine held a clean looking-glass to his mouth. I found his pulse sink gradually, till at last I could not feel any by the most exact and nice touch. Dr Baynard could not feel the least motion in...
Page 734 - Skrine perceive the least soil of breath on the bright mirror he held to his mouth. Then each of us, by turns, examined his arm, heart and breath; but could not by the nicest scrutiny discover the least symptom of life in him. We reasoned a long time about this odd appearance as well as we could, and...
Page 734 - We all three felt his pulse first ; it was distinct, though small and thready ; and his heart had its usual beating. He composed himself on his back, and lay in a still posture some time ; while I held his right hand, Dr.
Page 183 - ... followed. In bone the principle is most imperative, on account of the difficulties under which natural processes act in that direction, by reason of the absence of elasticity or yielding in bone, and by reason of the anatomical arrangements of its vessels which favor blood stasis. 4. To relieve tension in the softer tissues of the body, the local application of leeches, local or general venesection, acupuncture, aspiration, punctures, and incisions may be requisite ; whereas, to carry out the...
Page 750 - Bernheim defines hypnotism as the production of a psychical condition in which the faculty of receiving impressions by suggestion is greatly increased. But this is only half the truth ; for not only is the receptivity increased, but the power to act upon and carry out the suggestion is increased likewise. Suggestions have all the force of commands, and the patient will strain every nerve to obey them. They are received as true, and the idea tends to be realized and to be carried into execution as...
Page 177 - Whenever then a patient complains of a dull, heavy pain, deeply situated in the bone, possibly consequent to a violent blow received on the part some time before, and though at the time the patient complains of this uneasiness, within the bone, the integuments shall appear perfectly sound, and the bone itself not in the least injured, we have great reason to suspect an abscessus in the medulla.
Page 182 - I may be allowed to summarize the whole in the following conclusions: 1. The pain associated with every form of inflammation of the bone or of its periostea! covering is due to tension, and the severity of the pain is a fair measure of its intensity.
Page 33 - Think nought a trifle, though it small appear ; Small sands the mountain, moments make the year, And trifles life.

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