Woodworth's Youth's Cabinet, Volumes 1-2

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D.A. Woodworth, 1856 - Youth

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Page 45 - He had scarcely performed ten minutes, when a mouse, apparently frantic, made its appearance in the center of the floor. The strange gestures of the little animal strongly excited the attention of the officers, who, with one consent, resolved to suffer it to continue its singular actions unmolested. Its exertions now appeared to be greater every moment : it shook its head, leaped about the table, and exhibited signs of the most ecstatic delight.
Page 11 - Though the Peruvian shores are on the verge of the great South Sea boiler, yet it never rains there. The reason is plain. The southeast trade-winds in the Atlantic Ocean first strike the water on the coast of Africa.
Page 115 - When I was young, I thought it was the thunder that killed the people ; but when I grew wiser, I discovered that it was the lightning — so I determined to thunder less and lighten more in future.
Page 11 - By this time they are heavily laden with vapor, which they continue to bear along across the continent, depositing it as they go, and supplying with it the sources of the Rio de la Plata and the southern tributaries of the Amazon. Finally they reach the snow-capped Andes, and here is wrung from them the last particle of moisture that that very low temperature can extract.
Page 37 - Who collects all my food, and with wonderful knack, Throws it into a net which I keep at my back ; And, though heels over head it arrives in a trice, It is sent up to table all proper and nice. I am spoken of sometimes as if I were glass, But then it is false, and the trick will not pass. A blow makes me run, though I have not a limb ; Though I neither have fins nor a bladder, I swim. Like many more couples, my partner and I At times will look cross at each other and shy; Yet still, though we differ...
Page 68 - At one stoppingplace, away from a town, he called for some water. It did not come, so he called again ; still he could not get it; but cider was brought, and, being very thirsty, he so far forgot himself as to drink that. When he returned home he related the circumstance. After he had finished, the little boy came up to his knee with his eyes full of tears, and said " Father, how far was you from James River when you drank the cider ? " " Rather more than fifteen miles, my boy.
Page 61 - Place a sprig of rosemary or any other garden herb in a glass jar, so that when it is inverted, the stem may be downwards, and the sprig supported by the sides of the jar...
Page 65 - A shepherd once, to prove the quickness of his dog, who was lying before the fire in the house where we were talking, said to me, in the middle of a sentence concerning something else— "I'm thinking, Sir, the cow is in the potatoes." Though he purposely laid no ^stress on these words, and said them in a quiet unconcerned tone of voice, the dog, who appeared to be asleep, immediately jumped up, and leaping through the open window, scrambled up the turf roof of the house, from which he could see...
Page 171 - Vermont was accosted in the following manner by an illiterate preacher who despised education. "Sir, you have been to college, I suppose?" "Yes, sir," was the reply. "I am thankful," rejoined the former, "that the Lord has opened my mouth to preach without any learning.
Page 144 - What few words the little fellow produced were applauded ; and applause stimulating exertion, produced such effects that, before Robin was ten years old, he could really address the company with some degree of eloquence. As he grew up, his father constantly took him every Sunday into his private room, and made him repeat, as well as he could, the sermon which had been preached.

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