Word Division: Supplement to United States Government Printing Office Style Manual

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Government Printing Office, 1987 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 142 pages
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Common terms and phrases

a-dapt-er a-lu-mi-nize a-rous-al ab-so-lu-tion ad-he-sion ad-her-ence ad-sorb-ate al-kyl-ate al-lot-ted ar-se-nal ar-se-nate ba-rom-e-ter bar-ba-rism ben-zo-ate car-bon-ate cer-e-bral chemical chemistry cho-le-ate co-bal-tic com-bat-ant com-bat-ant com-bat-ed con-cord-ance con-duct-ance con-ju-gal con-sult-ant con-triv-ance consonant crit-i-cal cyn-i-cal de-cli-vate de-spond-ence dec-a-dence di-vid-ed dis-per-sal dis-pers-ant divide doc-tor-al dom-i-nant e-the-re-al edition of Word ending one-letter syllables es-pous-al ex-cit-ant ex-ec-u-tant ex-tem-po-re fa-ci-e fan-ci-er final consonant floc-cu-lant gen-er-a-tor gen-i-tal ha-bit-u-al hyphen im-pe-ri-al im-ping-er in-cit-ant in-sist-ence in-ter-rupt-ed in-trigu-er indicate a runover ju-di-cial lam-i-nal mag-ne-tism mat-u-ra-tion mem-bra-nate mer-cu-ric mil-i-tant mul-tim-e-ter nants Ni-o-be ni-tro-gen-ate nom-i-na-tion o-paqu-er ob-serv-ance oc-clu-sal op-ti-me or-bit-al or-bit-ed or-bit-al or-bit-ed or-bit-er or-di-nal os-tra-cism ox-y-gen-ate pa-tri-ot-ic pag-i-nal pam-phlet-eer pen-tam-er-al pep-to-nate per-sist-ence phos-pho-rate piv-ot-al pol-lut-ant prec-e-dence pri-o-ri pro-gram-mer pro-pel-lant pro-test Proof Section pu-mi-cate rav-en-ing re-flec-tance re-solv-ent re-tard-ant re-trac-tion re-ver-sal Ren-ais-sant res-in-ate rock-et-eer sac-cha-rin-ate sal-i-cyl-ic sat-in-e su-ber-ate sub-li-mate suffixes sul-fu-ric sul-fu-ric sul-fu-rize sur-fac-er syllables for pronunciation sym-bol-ism syn-chro-nism tongu-er torqu-er twin-kling typesetting u-ra-nate unavoidable break ven-tur-er vir-tu-al vowel wordbreaks Words ending zoology

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