Works of the Camden Society, Edição 39

Camden Society, 1847 - 328 páginas

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Página 14 - Thomas Parry, Esq. John Parsons, Esq. Oxford The Hon. Sir John Patteson, one of the Judges of the Court of Queen's Bench, MA Jacob Howell Pattisson, Esq. LL.B. Witham, Essex Henry Payne, Esq.
Página 10 - Right Hon. Earl De Grey, Pres. of R. Inst. Br. Architects, FSA Rev. DC Delafosse, MA Vicar of Wandsworth. Philip Chilwell De la Garde, Esq. Exeter.
Página 1 - SOCIETY, FOR THE PUBLICATION OF EARLY HISTORICAL AND LITERARY REMAINS. AT a General Meeting of the Camden Society held at the Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, on Monday the 3rd of May, 1847, THE RIGHT HON.
Página 1 - April last, whereupon it was Resolved, That the said Report be received and adopted, and that the Thanks of the Society be given to the Auditors for their trouble.
Página 7 - Treasurer has reported to us that, over and above the present balance of £78 16s. 3d. there are outstanding various subscriptions of Foreign Members, of Members resident in places distant from London, and of Members recently elected, which the Treasurer sees no reason to doubt will be shortly received.
Página 26 - Seeke help, and see his friends unjustly slain. Let him to base unequal termes submit, In hope to save his crown ; yet loose both it And life at once : untimely let him dy, And on an open stage unburied ly.
Página 9 - Charles Parr Burney, DD, FRS, FSA Archdeacon of St. Alban's. John Burrell, Esq. Durham. Robert Burrell, Esq. Durham. Edmund Burrow, Esq. Decimus Burton, Esq. FRS, FSA John Hill Burton, Esq. Advocate, Edinburgh.
Página 13 - J. Bowyer Nichols, Esq. FSA John Gough Nichols, Esq. FSA, Treasurer of the Surtees Society, (c.) Rev. William L. Nichols, MA John Noble, Esq. FSA George Stewart Nicholson, Esq.
Página 9 - he lived always coldly, and a little imperiously," seems to have begun early ; but it is to be remembered that the days immediately following his marriage were occupied in vehement and unsuccessful endeavours to draw his uncle Charles the Second into bis schemes against Louis XIV.

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