Would I Cry Crucify

AuthorHouse, 2 feb. 2007 - 100 pagina's

With this book, the author tries (with the†scripture included) to show exactly what Jesus was guilty of that†religious†people wanted him removed from among them even bad enough to kill him. Hopefully the scripture will show, not only why,but also who and how they went about it. Included with the scripture is also commentary and questions a person should look deep within themselves to answer. This book is not intended to say what is,or is not truth, but to encourge the believer to pray and study for their personal relationship with God. Also included is scripture relating to the dangers the believer will encounter in the world of religion†today. If only one person reads this material and gets sincere in the study of the Word, then all time and effort will be blessed as well worth it. May enlightenment come to all who sincerely desire the truth as spoken by God.

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