Write Fright: A Guide to Writing Scary Stories

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Good Year Books, 1982 - Всего страниц: 88
Children love experiences that give them the creeps, grip them in suspense, or make them scream. Write Fright capitalizes on students' natural interest in scary tales and encourages them to become writers themselves. Early activities prompt students to think and write about scary experiences they have encountered either through books, movies or real life. Students write book reports, keep a horror journal and begin to develop a "scary" vocabulary. While developing stories about the creepy, kooky and scary students learn a wide range of creative writing fundamentals. The activities involve a variety of approaches such as finding the onomatopoeia in The Raven or writing riddles to practice first person narration. The book also features numerous story starters designed to spark the imagination of even the most reluctant writers.

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Letting Your Imagination Flow
Putting the Pieces Together
Styles of Suspense
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