XIV: Orver Et Aut

Front Cover
Independently Published, 2019 - 247 pages
Just before the last letter of "hardware" we see an artifact of a great battle in time and space over spacetime and timestamps, but most of all over truly understanding the heart of "soft" (CRO) and what it means to be the mechanism and the reason and the how and the why we are standing on the place that is the end of worship and of slavery and of Hell.EX TIN CT ION L E V EL E V E NTCON NE CT IC UT. ELE CT OR AL COL LEDGE. CT ELE VISION. CT ELE SCOPE. Elementary, what's not being spoken about and is not being publicly discussed is literally the solution to the impending "extinction level event" that is the long anticipated apocalypse. These words, mere eerie and early clues--keys--telling us that it's the "stuff of civilization" things like being able to see the curvature of the Earth as a ship or an ark rises over the horizon, telecommunications, and science itself that enables there to be something worth worrying about losing ... and it's just a matter of time before we understand that not taking great care to ensure we don't lose the treasures of science and democracy and the morality that defines humanity that we've been blessed with; well, that's the problem.It's focus on the proper use of technology in order to create a more perfect future, with a focus on morality, freedom, and ... well, fun. I believe a number of social issues are touched on, ideas that will probably become more obvious as we delve further into a future that integrates our understanding of computer technologies like virtual reality and neuroscience; concepts which combine with the society and world that we come from in order to "build" something like the mythical Heaven. Mythical ideas like the connection between Camelot, Avalon, Pendragon (and Icarus, and Wayward Son! ... and Jupiter, and yesterday) ... and El Dorado ... link to a number of other religious ties to a city in the sky depicted in Star Wars, Zion in the Matrix, Jerusalem in history, the hotel Atlantis on the island "Paradise" and ... well, a story about the Dream of Joseph literally seeing this city, walking to it, and seeing how the magic of virtual reality can help us to very quickly end disease and end hunger; and create a very happy future thanked for doing the very difficult job of adapting our world to these changes--ones which seem morally mandatory in light of the disclosure that we are living in virtual reality.

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