YY/T 1416.4-2016: Translated English of Chinese Standard. (YYT 1416.4-2016, YY/T1416.4-2016, YYT1416.4-2016): Test method for additive in single-use containers for human venous blood specimen collection - Part 4: Fluoride

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This Part of YY/T 1416 specifies the experiment method of using ion chromatography method to determine the amounts of additives in single-use containers for human venous blood specimen collection (abbreviated as blood-collecting vessel, whose additives have fluoride). This Part applies to the blood-collecting vessels whose additives are fluoride/oxalate, fluoride/EDTA and fluoride/heparin. They can separately determine the amount of fluoride, oxalate and EDTA. For the blood-collecting vessel which contain the additive of fluoride/heparin, the amount of heparin can be determined by the methylene blue spectrophotometric method in YY/T 1416.3.

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