Yale Studies in English, Volume 60

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Lamson, Wolffe and Company, 1920 - Astrology - 168 pages

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Page 81 - Se cosė fosse, in voi fora distrutto Libero arbitrio, e non fora giustizia, Per ben, letizia, e per male, aver lutto. Lo cielo i vostri movimenti inizia, Non dico tutti: ma, posto ch...
Page 81 - A maggior forza ed a miglior natura Liberi soggiacete, e quella cria La mente in voi, che il ciel non ha in sua cura.
Page 165 - XV. Essays on the Study and Use of Poetry by Plutarch and Basil the Great, translated from the Greek, with an Introduction. FREDERICK M.
Page 81 - Lume v' č dato a bene ed a malizia, E libero voler che, se fatica • Nelle prime battaglie col ciel * dura, Poi vince tutto, se ben si notrica.
Page 165 - IX. A Guide to the Middle English Metrical Romances dealing with English and Germanic Legends, and with the Cycles of Charlemagne and of Arthur. ANNA HUNT BILLINGS, Ph.D.
Page 167 - XLIV. The Presentation of Time in the Elizabethan Drama. MABLE BULAND, Ph.D. $1.50. XLV. Cynthia's Revels, or the Fountain of Self-Love, by Ben Jonson, edited with Introduction, Notes, and Glossary. ALEXANDER CORBIN JUDSON, Ph.D.
Page 73 - Propter quod laudandus est Deus, qui philosophis dedit lumen sapientiae, per quod lex veritatis confirmatur et roboratur, et per quod percipimus inimicos fidei destrui debere.' Roger Bacon, indeed, exhausts his eloquence in praise of astrology, emphasizing above all its utility in medicine.2 Roger Bacon probably overstepped the bounds of conservative opinion on the subject of judicial astrology only in the enthusiasm with which he applied it to sacred llbid.
Page 57 - ... this world. To the sphere of the constellations is assigned a general rule; whereas to the wandering stars belongs the care over the details of earthly life. . . The more rapidly a planet moves, and the stranger the course it follows, the more powerful will be its influence on things below. The motion of the moon is swifter than that of any other planet ; it has, accordingly, more to do than any other in regulating mundane affairs. The fixed stars govern what is stable in the world, or what suffers...
Page 146 - Hath yeven us this, al-though we hadde it sworn ; So stood the heven whan that we were born ; We moste endure it : this is the short and pleyn.
Page 52 - Encyclopaedia of Islam i. 495 (article Astrology, by CA Nallino). ' The Book of Enoch (RH Charles and WR Morfill, The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, tr. from the Slavonic, Oxford, 1896), appearing about the time of the Christian era, is the best evidence that astrological doctrines had early found their way into Jewish circles. Even St. Paul's reference (1 Cor.

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