Yankee Magazine's Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs & More: 1,001 Ingenious Ways to Use Common Household Items to Repair, Restore, Revive, or Replace Just About Everything in Your Life

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Rodale Books, Sep 11, 1999 - House & Home - 394 pages

Yankee Magazine's Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs & More

From milk jugs to egg cartons to mayonniase and more, your home contains an untapped gold mine of materials that you can use to solve problems, fix what breaks, or create substitutes for things you'd otherwise have to buy. The trick is figuring out what among these objects is treasure and what's trash. That's where Earl Proulx and the editors of Yankee magazine can help.

Drawing on their own creative ideas--and those of ingenious Yankees all over New England--they've come up with more than 1,000 clever ways to put common household objects to uncommon and valuable uses. The result is a book that will benefit you in five clear ways.

1. This book will empower you.
Other people might be stymied when, say, Spot knocks a glass of grape juice on that elegant white rug. Not you. You'll be able to lift that stain yourself--without buying some expensive remover--just by applying a dab of shaving cream. Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs, and More contains dozens of clever do-it-yourself ideas like this.

2. This book will save you money.
Need an attractive gift for a friend, a game to entertain the grandkids, a desk organizer for your home office? Forget the catalogs and stay away from the stores. As you'll see, you can make these items and dozens more in minutes from the leftover things around your house.

3. This book will make your life easier.
There's no need to stock a cabinetful of specialty cleansers. Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs, and More will show you how to use common ingredients like salt, ketchup, baking soda, flour, yogurt, and, of course, vinegar to handle many of the cleaning tasks you encounter every day.

4. This book will reduce the waste in your home.
If you've ever regretted the amount of trash you throw out each week, here's the solution. This book will show you how to give a second life to everything from plastic containers to bubble wrap to panty house and more.

5. This book will entertain you.
Whether you settle on one of Earl's yarns, the story behind common objects like Post-It Notes and condensed milk, or the "My Way" tips from actual readers, you're bound to enjoy the fun side of this book.

Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs, and More provides no-fail ideas for every area of your home, and for many actitivites, from gardening to cooking, from travel to sports, and from crafts to games. Consider it your no-cost tool kit for all your needs around the home.

Throw out a candle stub, some sour milk, that leftover bag of cat litter? Not on your life!

You might think of these things as waste that's headed for the trash can, but there are hundreds of practical ways you can save money, time, and natural resources by reusing these and other common objects around your house. Follow Earl Proulx and the editors of Yankee magazine as they show you how to:

Make a soothing facial mask from cat litter

Cover up furniture scratches with a dab of iodine

Tun an old teacup, a sandwich bag, and some sugar into an elegant pin cushion

Clean car grease off your hands with olive oil

Unstick a window with the stub of an old candlestick

Clear a clogged showerhead with vinegar

Ant-proof your home with lemon juice

Make an attractive country picture frame from an old six-pane window

End static cling with hair spray

Stop foot blisters with duct tape

Keep bait worms fresh with coffee grounds

Make an earring holder out of window screening

More than 1,000 creative, fun, and ingenious tips

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About the author (1999)

Clever to the core, Earl Proulx has been coming up with ingenious ways to re-use things since his career as a handyman started nearly 70 years ago. Every month, he shares his solutions and home hints with the more than two million Yankee magazine readers who enjoy his "Plain Talk" column.

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