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Jesse Russell, Ronald Cohn
Book on Demand, 2012 - 78 pages
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Yazidi (also Yezidi, Kurdish: or Ezidi ) are members of a Kurdish religion with ancient Indo-Iranian roots. They are primarily a Kurdish-speaking people living in the Mosul region of northern Iraq, with additional communities in Transcaucasia, Armenia, Turkey, and Syria in decline since the 1990s - their members emigrating to Europe, especially to Germany. Their religion, Yazidism, is a branch of Yazdanism, and is seen as a highly syncretic complex of local Kurdish beliefs and Islamic Sufi doctrine introduced to the area by Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir in the 12th century. The Yazidi believe in God as creator of the world, which he placed under the care of seven holy beings or angels, the chief of whom is Melek Taus, the Peacock Angel.

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