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Page 164 - ARTICLE X MEETINGS The annual meeting of the Association shall be held on the third Tuesday in May or on such day and at such place as may be determined by the trustees.
Page 156 - This act shall be liberally construed, to the end that its purpose may be carried out, to wit: That the care, custody and discipline of a child shall approximate, as nearly as may be, that which should be given by its parents...
Page 39 - This usually means six months' sentence and always means the branding of the delinquent as a convict and taking him away from his environment and associates in disgrace. The result of long experience with the probation system shows that it is far easier to reclaim an unhardened early offender without commitment to a prison than after it. The presidential power of pardon is subject to the same criticism and can naturally only be exercised in special cases.
Page 161 - RESOLVED: That the thanks of the Association are hereby tendered to the...
Page 164 - AMENDMENTS These by-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any annual meeting...
Page 27 - If the probation officer allows a probationer to disregard his instructions with impunity, or if the judge fails to support the probation officer in requiring observance on the part of the probationer of the terms and conditions of his release, the whole system of probation will fall into disrepute. Where the behavior on probation is unsatisfactory, the probationer should be called into court for a sharp rebuke and warning, or for sentence.
Page 91 - Do you' really think that your character is so mysterious, and that I am too stupid to tell vice from virtue ? " Ivanov replies: "A man may be a splendid doctor, and at the same time a very bad judge of human nature; you will admit that, unless you are too self-confident.
Page 39 - We are, therefore, strongly of the opinion that, while probation work must always be permitted a considerable degree of flexibility to meet local conditions and individual needs, there should be provided, nevertheless, some form of central oversight. This should involve the collection of information in regard to the extent to which probation is utilized in different portions of the State from time to time, the manner in which probation work is carried on, and the value of the results secured. It...
Page 45 - It is only part of the twentieth century's colossal effort to increase the well-being and happiness of members of society. If we will only keep this large point of view constantly in mind, we shall be able to maintain a sane point of view, we shall not become obsessed with an undue sense of our importance, we shall not attempt to do alone what only can be accomplished by the active and whole-hearted co-operation of all the constructive forces of the community. The magnitude and the significance of...
Page 97 - Why, no one is sane, straight along, year in and year out, and we all know it. Our insanities are of varying sorts, and express themselves in varying forms — fortunately harmless forms as a rule — but in whatever form they occur an immense upheaval of feeling can at any time topple us distinctly over the sanity-line for a little while; and then if our form happens to be of the murderous kind we must look out — and so must the spectator.

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