Yearbook of Agriculture

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1915 - Agriculture

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Page 222 - Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina.
Page 343 - While conceding the full value and validity of the thesis as applied to that portion of the United States lying east of the Rocky Mountains, it is the purpose of this present paper to demonstrate that west of those mountains, in the Pacific Northwest, or the old Oregon country, the evolution of civilization did not follow the lines so successfully elaborated by Prof.
Page 485 - Peninsula from which it has been able to determine the average date of the last killing frost in spring and the first in autumn and using these dates as boundaries, we can mark the average beginning and ending of crop...
Page 227 - System, discount notes, drafts, and bills of exchange issued or drawn for an agricultural purpose, or based upon live stock, and having a maturity, at the time of discount, exclusive of days of grace, not exceeding nine months...
Page 112 - No road should be improved by expenditure of public funds in excess of its earning capacity. The return to the public in the form of economic transportation is the sole measure of the justification for the degree of improvement.
Page 494 - ... latter case later. The greatest spring tide will happen when the moon is in perigee, if other things are the same ; and the succeeding spring tide when the moon is in apogee will be the least. But as the effect of a luminary is greater the nearer it approaches to the plane of the equator, K and as the earth is nearer the sun in winter than in summer, and still nearer in February and October than in March and September ; the greatest tides happen not till some time after the autumnal equinox,...
Page 22 - Economics,' and this organization came into existence in 1922 charged with the exercise of all the powers and the performance of all the duties formerly imposed by law on the three separate bureaus.
Page 48 - USC 541-545), and for collecting and disseminating to American producers, importers, exporters, and other interested persons information relative to the world supply of and need for American agricultural products, marketing methods, conditions, prices, and other factors, a knowledge of which is necessary to the advantageous disposition of such products in foreign countries, independently and in cooperation with other...
Page 395 - OB' other hand, commercial poultry men usually have the advantage over farmers of securing greater average egg production per bird and higher prices for their products. Commercial poultry farms are located for the most part in the northeastern section of the country and on the Pacific coast. In other sections of the country commercial farms are located in the vicinity of the larger cities. Nearness to market, good shipping facilities, and volume of production are three valuable assets that usually...
Page 469 - A normal duration of a temperature of 50 for less than a month fixes very well the polar limit of trees and the limits of agriculture. Near this line are found the last groups of trees in the tundras. A temperature of 50 for four months marks the limit of the oak, and also closely coincides with the limits of wheat cultivation. North of the tree limit agriculture ceases, and man's food is to be sought very largely in the sea.

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