Yee-haw! What a New Day!!!: Everyday Happiness; the Art of Making Your Career A-N-D Personal Life Balance; the Life Philosophy Book in the Contemporary World

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Trafford Publishing, 2004 - 191 pages
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What makes this book to be so different is the fact that reading it will take everyone to a 'serious-but-fun journey' in order to find the way of how to develop a great career A-N-D at the same time also a good personal life.

The very first questions everyone asks to him or her self each day would be: Whether I satisfy with my business or career successfulness? Whether that successfulness does not bother my Personal Life? Whether I wish a well-balanced life both in my Business-Career Life A-N-D my Personal Life? And since the questions are intended to ourselves, then we certainly know the true sincere answers. In short, everyone must be asking over: can I get BOTH my businesscareer A-N-D personal life successfully?

There are so many people who succeeded to step up their career ladder, BUT failed to balance that successfulness with their personal high quality of life. There are so many people sacrificed their personal life to run for their career.

On the other hand, there also are so many people whom seen to be having good personal life, BUT failed to develop their career.

Your business-career successfulness is meaningless if you have to disregard your personal life. At the same time; making account of your personal life cannot give you a truly satisfaction if you fail to reach a good career or a success business.

That's so serious!

And what is the fun?
Do you still remember the story about Sir Isaac Newton when he witnessed a natural event, while an apple fallen down the ground in the farm? In the eyes of most people, that event represents a very ordinary matter. Isn't it true that apple has been falling to the ground since the era of our ancestors' yore? Even, since the first time those apples exist. That's the way most people look into natural phenomena.

By contrast, for Sir Isaac Newton, every natural event represents series of special messages, and encoding certain hiding secrets to the wellness of human being. Rather than thought like ordinary people did, Isaac Newton preferred to try to open his mind whereof what happened with that apple. And through that contemplative way, he could deliver a great masterpiece, which is: gravitation forces law. Is there anyone staying out of the law of gravitation force? No. That is one of masterworks inspired by natural phenomena.

We may not be as analytical as Newton when witnessing something happened around us. But, it does not mean that we cannot find any lesson from the event. If we are willing to think and contemplate to find the lesson behind it, hence we will find its benefit to help us to build our better life.

By the way, do you comprehend what is the philosophy of the cock's crow? What about the hum a bamboo clump croons? Or may be the dormant trees as we can easily find in autumn? Or the egg's shell? String beans? Tomatoes? Trumpet flowers? Have you met a guru told you about the philosophy of Banana Tree? Or the advice tried to convey by a clump of Aloe?

Weird, eh?!

Yes, this book is e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y weird.
Thus you will find so many things that you never ever found, read, nor heard before. Anywhere.

You may ask around: What makes the book beneficial for the readers in order to grab a Well-Balanced of BOTH their career A-N-D personal life.

It is the fact that this book shows you; how to learn from natural events happened around you to experience and find the secret to make you strong, happy, alive, motivated, tough, unbreakable, Newton did. And LINKS it to your actual daily life. BOTH in Personal Life A-N-D Business Career Life of yours. Not to mention: How to hear the Divine voice in your heart. In short, this book is covering four important areas in human being's daily life: (1) P


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