Yolande: A Novel

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Harper & Bros., 1905 - English fiction - 453 pages
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Page 228 - Which after held the Sun and Moon in fee. But this is got by casting pearl to hogs, That bawl for freedom in their senseless mood, And still revolt when Truth would set them free. Licence they mean when they cry Liberty ; For who loves that must first be wise and good : But from that mark how far they rove we see, For all this waste of wealth and loss of blood.
Page 346 - I've borne a weary lot; But in my wanderings, far or near, Ye never were forgot. The fount that first burst frae this heart Still travels on its way; And channels deeper, as it rins, The luve o' life's young day. O dear, dear Jeanie Morrison, Since we were sindered young, I've never seen your face, nor heard The music o...
Page 346 - The deavin' dinsome toun, To wander by the green burnside. And hear its waters croon ? The simmer leaves hung ower our heads, The flowers burst round our feet, And in the gloamin' o' the wood The throssil whusslit sweet; The throssil whusslit in the wood, The burn sang to the trees. And we with Nature's heart in tune, Concerted harmonies; And on the knowe abune the burn, For hours thegither sat In the silentness o' joy, till baith Wi
Page 333 - The light white cloud swam over us. Anon We heard the lion roaring from his den; We saw the large white stars rise one by one, Or, from the darken'd glen, "Saw God divide the night with flying flame, And thunder on the everlasting hills.
Page 332 - I will tell you now why I went back." She put her hand in her pocket and drew out a small blue bottle, which she put on the table. " It was for that," she said, calmly. A flush of color overspread the hitherto pale features of the girl ; it was she who was ashamed and embarrassed ; and she said, quickly : "Yes, I understand, mother — I know what it is. But...
Page 67 - That cheek abashed at man's approving; The one love's arrows darting round, The other blushing at the wound.
Page 428 - American was working away with his coloured chalks; and Mr. Winterbourne, having by accident discovered the existence, hitherto unsuspected, of a curious stiletto in the hollow handle of a Persian war-axe, now found an additional interest in rummaging among the old weapons which lay or hung everywhere about the studio. And so we come back to the morning on which Yolande was standing at the entrance to the hotel, waiting for her father to read his letter. When he had ended, he came along briskly to...
Page 67 - And could you really discover, In gazing those sweet beauties over, No other charm, no winning grace, Adorning either mind or face, But one poor dimple to express The quintessence of loveliness ? — Marked you her cheek of rosy hue ? That eye, in liquid circles moving ; That cheek abashed at man's approving...
Page 185 - ... the words a curiously pathetic quality ; and she had the natural gift of knowing what particular airs she could make tell. , She laid her hand on Yolande's arm — as if to ask for attention — " The sun rises bright in France, And fair sets he; But he has tint the blink he had In my ain countrie. It's...
Page 331 - ... appeared, burning for about a minute and then gradually disappearing. Some were larger and clearer than others — just as you remember, on a phosphorescent night at sea, there are individual big stars separate from the general rush of white as the steamer goes on. We tried to lift some of the points of light, but could not manage it ; so I take it they were not glow-worms or any other living creatures, but an emanation of gas from the peaty soil ; only that, unlike the will-o'-the-wisp, they...

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