You Are A Racist, Right... ?: One Man's Journey and Struggle to Succeed in the Intergraded South

Front Cover
This book gives a general idea of what a racist is, how a racist functions and the many effects they have on society. There are indications, circumstances and situations that, to some degree, lead us to believe that we all are racist or have racist attitudes or tendencies. These tendencies manifest themselves as either an outward expression or an internal one. The ones who show their tendencies outwardly are the ones who go out of their way to be a racist. Many Americans try to cover their feelings if it's unpopular; a true racist expresses himself or herself in a real light, intentionally or unintentionally, never caring if their attitudes or feelings are known.

The title "You are a Racist, Right...?" allows the reader to look at themselves and assess where they stand. This book will help readers to determine whether they are the oppressed or the oppressor. Readers will find stories in this book that they can identify with. The stories are about real people, relating to their fears, embarrassments and triumphs and some of the motivation that keeps them going.

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