Young God

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Xlibris Corporation, Dec 1, 2006 - Fiction - 252 pages
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Why is it that when people can't bear something, they say that that can't 'stand it'? Why do men sometimes shrug, 'Who understands a woman?' Why do most of the known representations of human or human-like figures in early European Stone Age art, generally found to have been executed over some ten or twelve thousand years, or several hundred generations at the very dawn of such art, depict a female? This novel, a wholly tongue-in-cheek yarn that aims to track the development of religion in Europe from its apparent origins during the Stone Age to the beginning of writing during the Bronze Age, offers an answer to these questions and more while seemingly out to offend no one; and in fact, it need be taken seriously only if you believe that humanity's closest living relative is the chimpanzee; that genetically speaking, chimps are actually closer to us than to their next nearest relative, the gorilla; that originally, the chimp's brain and ours were about the same size relative to body weight, but that since then, ours has grown so big, especially in the area given to reasoning, that our head now often has difficulty making it through the mother's birth canal; and that down the generations, this increase has sometimes resulted in, well, some amusing, would-be explanations of our existence.

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