Young Single Woman: A Novel

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Custom Craft Publishing, 2001 - 352 pages
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Lisa D'Ambrosio, a 23-year old, single woman, comes of age in this psychological drama about a girl opening herself up to the world. Kicked out of her parent's house at 18, & now working as a cashier in a pharmacy, Lisa hasn't seen her father in five years & is determined not to return home in defeat. After overdosing on sleeping pills, Lisa gets picked up in a bus station by a born-again Christian & taken upstate where she is inducted into a strange cult. After leaving the cult, Lisa is picked up hitchhiking, taken to a stranger's house & raped by six men. She returns to her hometown & works, successively, as a waitress, a bartender & an exotic dancer until, one day, she meets her father for the first time in five years. This novel contains short accounts of fellatio, rape & incest between adults. There is very little pornography or titillation, but there is a serious look at a woman's maturation into adulthood. The book is written in the past tense & uses quotation marks, yet is modern in the sense of describing late-Twentieth Century characters & philosophies.

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