Young Stalin

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 9.12.2009 - 496 sivua
From the New York Times bestselling author of The Romanovs—and one of our pre-eminent historians—comes “a meticulously researched, authoritative biography” (The New York Times), the companion volume to the prize-winning Stalin, and essential reading for anyone interested in Russian history. 

This revelatory account unveils how Stalin became Stalin, examining his shadowy journey from obscurity to power—from master historian Simon Sebag Montefiore.
Based on ten years of research, Young Stalin is a brilliant prehistory of the USSR, a chronicle of the Revolution, and an intimate biography.  Montefiore tells the story of a charismatic, darkly turbulent boy born into poverty, scarred by his upbringing but possessed of unusual talents. Admired as a romantic poet and trained as a priest, he found his true mission as a murderous revolutionary. Here is the dramatic story of his friendships and hatreds, his many love affairs, his complicated relationship with the Tsarist secret police, and how he became the merciless politician who shaped the Soviet Empire in his own brutal image.


The Bank Robbery
Crazy Beso
Brawlers Wrestlers and Choirboys
A Hanging in Gori
Seminary photo late 1890s1
Stalins Stony Heart
Plutocrats ProtectionRackets
Louse Racing Murder and MadnessPrison Games
River Cock and the Noblewoman
Natasha Kirtava6
Was Stalin a Tsarist Agent?

The Poet and the Priesthood
Photo Insert 1
Official photo of Beso Stalins father3
Parties and Princes
in Batumi
Siberian Exile
Bolshevik Temptress
Koba Egnatashvili18
Baku oil fountain5
Photo Insert 2
Sasha Egnatashvili18
Marriage Mayhem and Sweden
Nagayevs Palace in Baku9
Pirate and Father
Stalin in London
The Game of Bandits and Cossacks
The Central Committee and Glamourpuss the Schoolgirl
Dont Forget That Name and Be Very Wary
Kamos Leap and the Last Bank Robbery
Travels with the Mysterious Valentina
The Wonderful Georgian the Austrian Artist
Betrayal in Drag
Darling Im in Desperate Straits
The Hunter
The Robinson Crusoe of Siberia
Stalins ReindeerPropelled Sleigh and a Siberian
Stalin with Spandarian in 19151
The Bungled Uprising
An Old Tyrantin Remembrance of Things Past
Maria Kuzakova with her son Constantine and his baby3
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SIMON SEBAG MONTEFIORE is a historian of Russia and the Middle East. Catherine the Great and Potemkin was short-listed for the Samuel Johnson Prize. Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar won the History Book of the Year Prize at the British Book Awards. Young Stalin won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Biography, the Costa Biography Award, and le Grande Prix de la biographie politique. Jerusalem: The Biography was a worldwide best seller. Montefiore’s books are published in more than forty languages. He is the author of the novels Sashenka and One Night in Winter, which won the Paddy Power Political Fiction Book of the Year Award in 2014. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, Montefiore graduated from Cambridge University, where he received his PhD. He lives in London.

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