Your Dreams Will Not Die: U Shall Rise!

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There comes a time in our lives when factors like age, responsibility and time crops in and turns to interrupt our dreams, and we feel like giving up our dreams to make way for such things. This book shows how we can marry all these factors and still pursue our dreams. In the end, the feeling of fulfillment of dreams is undoubtedly the most heavenly feeling on earth. You can achieve your God-given dreams. Your dreams will not die! Isn't it a great feeling to dream about all the things we hope to achieve in life? The most important factor however, which is how to achieve these "niceties", isn't captured in these dreams. This is where most of us with little faith, courage or determination, falter. This book, "Your Dreams Will Not Die" takes care of this as it delves into what you need to do to ensure that your dreams do not die or suffer setbacks of any kind. It encourages you not to give up on your dreams for you know not what greater purpose they'll serve and for that matter what hope they might be bound to offer humanity. You want to live your dreams? Then, "Your Dreams Will Not Die" is the book for you!

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