Your First Year as Principal: Everything You Need to Know that They Don't Teach You in School

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Atlantic Publishing Company, Dec 30, 2012 - Education - 288 pages

As you sit at your desk behind the door ominously marked Principal s Office, you are suddenly struck with a feeling of terror; what have you gotten yourself into? Being a principal is a difficult job filled with great responsibility and stress. Before you panic, you should know that most principals survive the first year. However, Your First Year as a Principal will help make the first year easier, providing you with all the information you did not learn in school.
With the help of this extensively researched book, first-year principals will learn how to step out from behind the previous principal s shadow, how to make changes without changing too much too soon, and how to deal with teachers, parents, and students. You will also learn how to handle the stresses of the job, how to find a mentor, and how to plan for public relations.
You will learn about the common mistakes first-year principals make and how to avoid them. You will learn about all of the duties that fall on your shoulders and how to handle that responsibility. You will also learn how to build strong relationships with teachers and staff, how to pick your battles, how to handle bullying in your school, how to boost staff morale, how to discipline students, and how to deal with conflicts.
Ultimately, you will clearly understand what comes with being a principal. You will be able to clarify and define your roles, expectations, and responsibilities. Novice and veteran principals alike, who have all previously been in your position, offer their advice and tips on surviving your first year and excelling beyond. Also included are from-the-headlines blurbs to help you handle recent education policy changes.
Whether you are the principal of a small, large, public, private, charter, urban, rural, or suburban school, Your First Year as a Principal will be an indispensable companion. With the help of this book, not only will you survive, you will also enthusiastically look forward to your sophomore year.
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Assessing the Situation
Common Mistakes to Avoid
The Gap Analysis
Advice on Hiring Teachers
Politics in Education
The Watchful Eyes Upon You
The Media
How to Best Lead Your Teachers
Future Outlook 238
Parting Pearls of Wisdom
How Important Are the Teachers
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With insightful encouragement from her sixth-grade teacher, Tena Green started writing at age 11. In 2000, she took a journalist position for a local newspaper, The Bellevue Gazette, where she gained a priceless education from her editor and co-workers. While working for The Gazette, she wrote more than 300 articles and started doing freelance work. Less than two years after starting as a journalist, she published her first novel, The Catalyst (2003), and has since written A Woman‚e(tm)s Touch (2006), X-30 (2007), a collaboration with friend and horror writer Richard Dean, and Your First Year as a Principal: Everything You Need to Know That They Don‚e(tm)t Teach You in School (Atlantic Publishing 2009). Prior to her writing career, Tena raised four children and worked in the local schools as a volunteer, substitute secretary, intervention specialist, and teacher‚e(tm)s aide. It was there that she realized her passion for children and their education. Tena continues to write novels, give presentations for students on how to use reading and writing as an outlet, and write books to help educators become effective and successful.

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